Wealth management is the core of our services. We believe capital should be preserved and consequently stimulated with growth. But since each client has specific needs and unique circumstances, we analyze all the aspects of a client’s financial situation including cleaning service cost and his desired expectations before we actually construct a portfolio.

As a distributor of mutual funds, we offer a wide range of third party financial products from equity/debt/hybrid mutual funds to complex structures. Our wealth management suite consists of products like

Equity Mutual Funds
Debt Mutual Funds
Tax Saving Mutual Funds (ELSS)
Hybrid Funds
Liquid Funds
Arbitrage Funds
Customized Stock Portfolio for High Value Stock Investing
Private Equity Funds
Before suggesting a portfolio, our team considers the risk profile and investment objectives of the client. Based on the requirements, we focus on searching and utilizing the best investment vehicles for every component of the portfolio. Once we finish structuring, we monitor the portfolio on a daily basis and rebalance it according to the changing market conditions.

In short, we’ll leave no stone unturned to ensure that our client walks back with a smile.