"I have been associated with the Nestegg founder members for the past 8 years (both with Nestegg Wealth LLP and in their previous roles with various banks). A few reasons why I prefer to deal with them: Unlike many financial advisors in the market, their approach is not to push / sell products which could earn them more commissions to achieve their personal targets. Their approach is very client centric and the financial proposal is offered after thorough understanding of the goals/ objectives and risk tolerance ability They understand my risk tolerance level and objectives and don’t hesitate to say no to a tempting proposition if it doesn’t match my profile They are always available to answer questions and do the legwork/ research required to make sure that my investments are on track They regularly get in touch with me and also visit me several times a year to review my situation and to make suggestions on any improvements they think they can make I have been more than pleased with Nestegg’s service and would highly recommend them."

P M Balakrishnan - Ex- Resident Chief Executive, BASF India Ltd