Nestegg began with a dream. A dream of believing in honesty and hard work. A dream that would revolutionize the world of private wealth management. We wish to change the existing paradigm of financial management from a cold, selfish, non-trusting world to a world of values, truthfulness and trustworthiness.

We plan to do that by accompanying sound professional advice to our clients with integrity and loyalty. We value trust and consider it as the biggest reward we could receive from our clients.

Our practices aim to simplify, edify and propel. We wish to give our clients the joy of having a stable financial support system regardless of how the world spins, so that they can enjoy every moment of their life with peace.

How will we do it? Well with a little magic and a lot of sweat, determination and hard work.

Who Are We   

Nestegg Wealth Solutions LLP is a wealth advisory firm that provides wealth management services to affluent and high net-worth individuals & families. With an accumulated experience of 30 years in the banking and wealth management industry, our team of experts work with each client to determine an appropriate disciplined strategy to increase wealth, based on individual goals, preferences, and circumstances.


To be the wealth management services provider that defines great client experience. Our priority is to help you achieve your financial goals.

A man is judged by his actions and so is a company. We at Nestegg, march forward to serve our clients. We march ahead to be the finest Wealth Management firm in India. With excellent team work, integrity and discipline, our mission is to be our clients’ life financial partner, their trusted advocate and guide, helping them to achieve a greater peace of mind by bridging the gap between where they are now financially, and where they want to be. We believe as our client’s achieve their dreams, we will too.

Why Nestegg?

As an Independent Financial Advisor, we are free to provide objective advice specifically in the best interests of our clients, without the potential complications of loyalty to an employer. We’re free to innovate, adopt industry best practices, and implement systems that enable us to deliver solutions specific to our clients’ needs and goals.

“Independence” means we work for no one but you.

We are committed to honouring the fiduciary standard of care, putting our clients’ interests first in all situations. As independent advisors we are allowed to work for our clients without interference from an “employer”.

We want to serve as a trusted advisor to you and your family for decades and generations to come.